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STIs are at an all-time high, and research suggests that GenZ, the generation that prides itself in proactively looking out for their future, isn’t using condoms! putting them at high risk of some harmful, and perhaps lifelong infections.

So why are these teens and young adults resilient to carry condoms?

THEY ARE EMBARRASSED!  Yes, they are embarrassed about being found by their parents & they are even more terrified of being judged by the whole pharmacy in their attempt to buy them. 


DUREX wants to help them and to do so, they are going to hack the only element they know for a fact that GenZ'ers carries around no matter what: THEIR PHONE.


Clio Health (2019) - Gold

Clio Awards (2019) - Bronze

Summit Creative Award (2019) - Silver

Global Awards - New York Festival (2019) - Finalist

Graphis: New Talent 2020 (2020) - Platinum

The ANDYs International Award (2020) - Gold

Fast Company: World Changing Ideas Award  (2020) - Finalist


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Matias Cachiquis - Art Director

Ashutosh Thakkar - Art Director

Leonardo Fonseca - Art Director

Tuhin Parhi- Copywriter

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This simple idea adds value to the already widely used pop-sockets by further equipping them to hide condoms in plain sight. The Poppin pop-sockets will save teens from potential embarrassment, as well as STIs by ensuring they always have condoms on hand. Literally.

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Eco-friendly disposable cartridges that hold a single condom, will be equipped with a latching mechanism that allows teens to quickly remove condoms from the top of their Poppin pop-socket.


For a completely embarrassment free experience, Poppin pop-sockets will be packaged in a traditional cartridge look and feel, and also will be placed in  the phone accesory aisles in the retail spaces.

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